Hans-Fallada-Days 2012

The Hans-Fallada-Days will take place from July 20 to July 22, 2012.



Programme of the Hans-Fallada-Days 2012:


Thursday, 19th July, 2012

6 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz, large auditorium

Opening of the exhibition “How can I face up to you, dear family –?! Hans Fallada – family photos” on the evening before the 22nd Hans-Fallada-Days


The exhibition highlights the long history of Fallada’s family and introduces his ancestors and the Ditzen familiy. Connections are made from the history of Fallada’s family to his literary work and in addition, the imposing family tree is presented.

The history of Fallada’s family reflects the development of personalities in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is a stroke of luck that for the first time ever a rich store of unpublished letters, memories and photos can be presented that fills in gaps in bibliographies. Furthermore, new and unaccustomed approaches to Hans Fallada are made possible.

Admission is free, a small donation is welcome


Friday, 20th July, 2012

4 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz, large auditorium
Opening of the 22nd Hans-Fallada-Days by Patricia Fritsch-Lange, chairwoman of the Hans-Fallada-Society


"Hans Fallada. Autor und Werk im Literatursystem der Moderne" –
Information about the conference volume presented by the co-publisher Patricia Fritsch-Lange
The volume documents the papers of the conference organized by the Hans-Fallada-Society and the University of Rostock. In addition the volume contains thematically-linked essays to give the reader an insight into the present state of Fallada research.


“Hans-Fallada-Yearbook No. 6” Introduction with Erika Becker, manageress of the “Literaturzentrum Neubrandenburg”, and head of the Hans-Fallada-Archive
The sixth Yearbook of the Hans-Fallada-Society starts on a voyage of discovery. It contains articles which have been published in the Hans Fallada Journal “Salatgarten” since 1995 and examines various aspects of Hans Fallada’s life, work and contemporaries. It gives a retrospective view of the Hans-Fallada-Society’s history as well as a preview of the new challenges when studying Fallada. 


"How can I face up to you, dear family –?!

Hans Fallada – photos of his family"
Presentation of the exhibition with Heide Hampel
After the opening of the exhibition on 19th July the trustee Heide Hampel will give an overview of the history of its origin and its significance.

For more information see 19th July 2012


"Namen- und Stadtlandschaften" – Articles of the Hans-Fallada-Symposium Carwitz
Introduction of the volume by the co-publisher Dr. Stefan Knüppel
The Hans-Fallada-Society held two students’ colloquia in cooperation with the University of Rostock in the Fallada-Museum Carwitz. The future German scholars dealt with linguistic as well as literary aspects of Fallada’s work. The results of their research have been included in the publication.


"Schreiben und Leben" – Information about Hans Fallada
The author Manfred Kuhnke introduces his book
Has something like this ever happened before? An author who died 65 years ago and has been forgotten for a long time – yet his last novel becomes a best seller in many countries nearly 70 years after its first publication. Who was this writer Hans Fallada? What kind of man was Rudolf Ditzen, who early in his short life set out to become Hans Fallada? A man who left the security of a middle class family and embarked on the painstaking search for his identity and personal freedom. A man who often fell into despair and the dark abyss but was always able to rise up again through his creative powers and hold firmly to his hard-won fortune.

Admission: 4,00 Euro / concessions 3,00 Euro

8 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz, large auditorium
"Schatten über der Leuchtenstadt". Reading with the author Thomas Peter A dead woman is fished out of the River Reuss. A policeman from Italy working at the investigation department in Luzern. Dark machinations that reach back to the First World War. All this is packed into the exciting, intelligent and well-written novel by Thomas Peter und Donato Sperduto
Thomas Peter was born in 1957, studied German und English and gained his doctorate with his dissertation “Hans Fallada’s novels in the USA”. He works as a teacher at a Gymnasium and as a translator in Sarnen, Switzerland.
Admission: 6,00 Euro / concessions 4,00 Euro


Saturday, 21st July, 2012

2.30 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz, large auditorium 

Programme for children: "Tierisch was los" with Heike Kellermann
A musical programme with songs, riddles and lots of exercise. Everybody knows them, the animals in our neighbourhood, in the garden, in the forest, in the zoo, the ones from “Sesame Street”, the ones at home, from the flea to the elephant – we have seen it all before, or have we? 
In this 60-minute programme for children of 4 years upwards there are curious songs about people’s best friends, an exciting treasure hunt, riddles and loads of exercise – beastly good!
Admission: adults 2,00 Euro / children up to 12 years 1,00 Euro

3.30 pm:

Village church Carwitz

"Joachim Ringelnatz. Echt verboten!" presented by Achim Amme

Ringelnatz has become a true classical writer. Nearly everybody knows him, yet his books are seldom read. Wrongly! How can this author be made accessible to modern people used to mass media? How can the hidden sides of his nature be revealed? The author, actor and Ringelnatz-prizewinner Achim Amme has made it his task to introduce Ringelnatz to the audience.
Achim Amme, born in 1949, graduated from the Berlin Max Reinhardt School of Drama in 1972. He works as a freelance author and actor and was an editor for television plays in the ZDF from 1995 till 2008.
Admission: 7,00 Euro / concessions 5,00 Euro

7 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz, large auditorium
"Von kleinen Männern und großen Damen." Fallada’s time in chansons and stories
An evening with chansons presented by Gisa Flake and Uschi Syring-Dargies at the piano
The expressive singer Gisa Flake presents songs of the 1920s, 30s and 40s that are sometimes frivolous, sometimes cheerful and sometimes critical or thoughtful. She revives the spirit of days past and gives us a flavour of the times Fallada lived and worked in. 
Gisa Flake, born in 1985, has been acting in cabaret programmes since her youth. In 2010 she finished her studies at the theatre academy in Bavaria. She won the German Song Competition in the chanson category in 2009 and has acted in various television programmes and feature films.
Admission: 10 Euro / concessions 8 Euro

Note: The purchase of a ticket for the concert entitles you to a discounted ticket for the film night. Both tickets can be bought before the reading.

from 10 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz

Fallada-Film Night within the context of the 8th Carwitz Museum Night
There will be a showing of the television film “Every Man Dies Alone (AE: Alone in Berlin)” which premiered on 19th July 1962.
Starring: Edith Schultze-Westrum und Alfred Schieske as the Quangels, Hugo Schrader (Enno Kluge), Werner Peters (Kommissar Escherich) and Martin Hirthe (SS-Brigadeführer Prall). Screenplay by R. A. Stemmle, directed by Dr. Falk Harnack. 
The film night is presented by Michael Töteberg, author and manager of the  Rowohlt-Agency for Entertainment Law, and in cooperation with the cinema in Feldberg. Visitors can also look round the museum or make the most of the gastronomic opportunities and convivial atmosphere.
Admission: 7,00 Euro / concessions 5,00 Euro. 

Note: Visitors of the Gisela Flake concert are entitled to discounted tickets. Tickets can be bought before the reading and the tickets entitle visitors to attend the Film-and Museum Night and visit the Hans-Fallada-Museum.


Sunday, 22nd July, 2012

11 am:

Old Graveyard Carwitz

Homage to Hans Fallada on the occasion of his 119th Birthday

Welcoming: Patricia Fritsch-Lange, chairwoman of the Hans-Fallada-Society
Reading: Dr. Stefan Knüppel, Director of the Hans-Fallada-Museum
Musical accompaniment: Silke Lange, accordion

2.30 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz, large auditorium
"Böse Schafe"

Reading with the author Katja Lange-Müller

West Berlin 1987: Soja, typesetter by profession, illegal GDR-refugee with a kind heart, works as a florist occasionally. She meets Harry, tall, free, calm, determined, who has an inscrutable past and a dark future. And from this meeting his destiny determines her life. Sensitive, funny and a melancholy by turns, the novel tells how an unhappy love affair can be the greatest stroke of fortune. At the same time the reader gets an atmospheric portrait of the divided Berlin at a standstill in the 1980s.
Katja Lange-Müller, born in 1951 in Berlin-Lichtenberg, studied from 1979 to 1982 at the Institute for Literature Johannes R. Becher in Leipzig and received many awards, among others the Ingeborg Bachmann-Prize of the town Klagenfurt (1986), the Alfred Döblin Prize (1995), the Berlin Literature Prize (1996), the LiteraTour Nord Prize, the Gerty Spies Literature Prize and the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize (all 2008).

Admission: 7,00 Euro / concessions 5,00 Euro

5 pm:

Hans-Fallada-Museum Carwitz

Literary Walk with the museum director, Dr. Stefan Knüppel
Fallada’s works are full of allusions to the village Carwitz . On his literary walk Dr. Stefan Knüppel shows the visitors around Carwitz, stopping at some authentic places. He will read selected passages from novels and stories that are connected with Carwitz. The one-hour walk is a special experience as visitors listen to Fallada’s texts and see the places where the author lived. A walk for all the senses!
Admission free, a small donation is welcome

Special Exhibition


The exhibition “How can I face up to you, dear family –?! Hans Fallada – photos of his family” will be opened the evening before the Hans-Fallada-Days in the large auditorium. We recommend the purchase of a special ticket for all events (apart from the children’s programme on Saturday afternoon) adults: 35 Euro; concessions: 25 Euro.

Advantages of the special ticket: 15 per cent saving compared with single tickets and only one single purchase necessary. The purchase of a special ticket does not include reservation of seats. Refunds are only available in the case of cancellation of the programme.
Concessionary rates are available to members of the Hans-Fallada-Society and members of the Literaturzentrum Neubrandenburg, students, apprentices, volunteers carrying out community service, unemployed people, disabled people and pensioners.
We should like to mention that some events will take place outdoors. The firm “Brust oder Keule” will provide for our catering requirements.


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