Hans Fallada Foundation

The Hans-Fallada-Foundation aquired its legal status when it was entered in a public registry on April 6 2000.

The charitable foundation was created by the Town of Neubrandenburg, represented by its mayor, and provided the source of funding for its charitable purposes by investing a starting capital of 600,000 DM. The Town of Neubrandenburg is the seat of the foundation.  Financial contributions from our members and supporters are urgently required and play a vital part in funding our work.

The foundation is subject to supervision of the Ministry of the Interior of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The foundation focuses on the purposes set out in its constitution, and its administration and operations are carried out in accordance with its statutes. According to §2 of the statutes the Hans-Fallada-Foundation is a non-profit making organization and serves charitable purposes.

The Foundation’s purposes are to secure and preserve Hans Fallada’s heritage for the public.
According to  § 58 Nr. 1 AO the foundation supports the cultivation and enlargement of the collections  in existence, especially those pertaining to  Hans Fallada’s life and work as well as scientific research on the writer’s considerable volume of  epic works and therefore makes a contribution to the patronage of culture.
The first board of trustees was appointed by the Town of Neubrandenburg. The appointed trustees met for the first constituent assembly in the new auditorium of the barn on July 7 2000. They confirmed the guideline for the purposes set out in their constitution, the procedural motion of the board and the first budget.
The performance of the foundation’s purposes was transmitted to The Literaturzentrum Neubranbenburg e.V., which established the Hans-Fallada-Archive and has managed it successfully for more than thirty years.
The Hans-Fallada-Archive is situated on the Carwitz estate. The foundation has supported the upkeep and extension of the archive; it has promoted the purchasing of books, manuscripts and further documents as well as supporting events, scientific conferences and publications.
The foundation encourages private persons or institutions to help us complete the stock of books, manuscripts and further documents by financial contributions.
(Compare the information on the Hans-Fallada-Archive and Hans-Fallada-Museum)
According to the statutes the board of the foundation is elected for a three-year term, the board of trustees for a five-year term. The elected members of the foundation work on a voluntary basis and as private persons with all legal consequences for the foundation.

The foundation’s address is:
Hans - Fallada - Stiftung,
c/o Brigitte-Reimann-Literaturhaus, Gartenstr. 6,
17033 Neubrandenburg,
Tel.: 0395/5719180
Fax: 0395/5719188.

The board of directors is led by: Mr Volker Kunath, lawyer.
Chairman of the board of trustees: Mr Peter Siebken, chairman of the Sparkasse (Savings Bank) Neubrandenburg- Demmin.