Hans-Fallada-ArchiveHans-Fallada-ArchiveThe Hans-Fallada-Archive is situated on the writer’s former estate in Carwitz next to the Hans-Fallada-Museum. The literature archive is an excellent place for researchers as well as for doing project work with children and young people.

It was set up on the basis of Fallada’s literary bequests collected posthumously, aquired by the “Akademie der Künste” of the GDR in 1978 and taken over from the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1995. The archive’s holdings contain manuscript sources of novels, for example the manuscript source of Fallada’s most famous novel Little Man, What Now?, correspondence, for example approximately 2000 letters from and to Fallada’s publisher Ernst Rowohlt, autobiographical and journalistic pieces of work, reviews and personal documents.

This wealth of manuscripts, books, photos and letters is completed by a substantial collection from the literature archive in Neubrandenburg, which has been in existence since 1971 and has put further documents at the public’s disposal within the last decades. It is particularly due to Anna Ditzen, Fallada’s first wife, and his sons, Ulrich and Achim Ditzen, that important papers and documents could be collected that allow an examination of the writer’s life and work, among them family letters, Fallada’s calendar from 1933 to 1943 and an extensive collection of photos. Further pivate individuals have entrusted the archive with documents such as Hans Fallada’s school reports, original manuscripts such as an early love epos, extensive collections of books, amongst them many foreign editions of Fallada works. Of course, the literature archive is continuously collecting newspaper reports, reviews, pieces of research and further publication on the writer.




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photos: Thomas Mészáros, Greifswald